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2022 Turkey Awards

Ich habe keine Ahnung, was der Name „Turkey Awards“ zu bedeuten hat. Jedenfalls hat E-Learning-Experte Craig Weiss wieder vier Kategorien bestimmt und entsprechende „Gewinner“ ausgerufen (die weiteren Kandidaten in Klammern):

„- One Term that needs to be kicked to the curb“: Kirkpatrick (Roi, 70-20-10, formal/ informal)
„- One Learning System Terms/Types that isn’t what you think it means“: LXP (Employee Engagement Platform or Workforce  Development Platform or similar, Talent Platform, Micro-Learning)
„- One functionality that needs to be sent to the sun, with no return trip“: Worthless data (Discussion Forums, Assigned Learning, SCORM)

„- Learning System of the Turkey Year 2022“: Microsoft Viva Suite (Linkedin Learning, Workday Learning, Adobe Learning Manager)
„A combo effort. Look, could Microsoft made something unbelievable? Yes. Did they stumble out of the gate with this, too early, than it really ready for prime time? I believe soundly yes. Is there any WOW factor in this? No. Does it cost a lot? YES …“
Craig Weiss,, 10. November 2022

Bildquelle: Craig Weiss

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