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Modernize your learning offerings beyond training

„Beyond training“ meint in diesem Fall: mehr als der einmalige Besuch eines Seminars, Workshops oder Web-based Training, mehr als nur belehrt zu werden. Natürlich gibt es für das „beyond training“ bereits verschiedene Namen. Sie reichen von „blended learning“, über „70:20:10“, bis zu unternehmensweiten Lernkampagnen. Hier nun ist die Rede von „groups of learning assets“, die „learning clusters“ bilden. Die  zentralen Merkmale dieses Ansatzes:

„- Focus on changing specific workplace behaviors that benefit the business, often in a measurable way. 
– Put employees in control, with L&D’s offerings as their go-to support system. Employees choose which learning assets to use (or not use), with very limited required training or training paths, with “performance” as the primary requirement or driver.
– Are grouped to be easily found, and cover three learning touchpoints: social, formal and immediate.
– Are designed to meet the learning needs of key learner personas, who have diverse learning needs, and who are most likely to make a difference for the business when they change their on-the-job behavior through learning.
– Address the five moments of learning need: apply, change, solve, new, more.
– Provide L&D with a strategy for choosing (or not choosing) new technologies from among the thousands of new offerings.“

Bildquelle: Chief Learning Officer

Lisa MD Owens, Chief Learning Officer, 19. Oktober 2022

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