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AI Empowers Scalable Personalized Learning and Knowledge Sharing

Ist das wirklich die „Revolution“ im Lernen oder gar ein „Game-Changer“, wie Markus Bernhardt schreibt?

„Just like a personal tutor, the AI engine can test a learner’s existing knowledge with practice exercises and test questions, gaining an understanding of competence and confidence, and start to adapt the learning journey, in real-time, to the needs of the learner. The engine will also be able to continuously change the pace of the lesson in line with the learner, moving swiftly to more difficult exercises and complexities if the student is already performing well and confidently, or exploring concepts deeper which the student finds difficult. And just like a good teacher, the engine will guide the learner while employing proven techniques such as spaced out practice and revision, variation, and interleaving to improve retention.“

Das ist „adaptive, fully personalized learning“, wie der Autor schreibt. Doch ich als Lerner kann die AI nicht steuern, ich kann sie nicht trainieren, ich kann ihr keine neuen Ressourcen zuspielen.
Markus Bernhardt, Learning Solutions Magazine, 11. Juli 2022

Bildquelle: Hitesh Choudhary (Unsplash)

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