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the power of social learning

Eine charmante Idee: Harold Jarche beantwortet hier schriftlich die Fragen, die im Vorfeld seines nächsten Webinars eingetroffen sind und für die im Webinar selbst wohl die Zeit fehlt. Die Stichworte lauten zum Beispiel:
– „Getting support for a learning budget in tight times …
– Sustaining virtual communities going forward …
– Models and practices for peer learning groups …
– Is there a place for social media in social learning? …“

„A professional learning community, with its redundant connections, repetition of information, and indirect communications, is a much more resilient system than any designed professional development program can be. The bottom line is that learning faster is not about taking more courses or consuming more information. It’s about having better connections. Well-managed professional communities of practice with a good vision and a compass for the future can provide a trusted environment for making these peer connections.“
Harold Jarche, Blog, 18. Januar 2022

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