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5 tips for approaching video in online learning

Da ist was dran, wenn Neil Mosley schreibt: „Video has always had a very strong association with online learning, so much so that for some people (either consciously or subconsciously) the very definition of online learning is learning from video.“

Vor diesem Hintergrund hat er fünf Tipps für einen vernünftigen und entspannten Umgang mit Video festgehalten. Nichts Großes, aber nützlich.
„1. Give yourself some creative constraints …
2. Consider using a combination of visual and verbal …
3. Tread carefully when it comes to interactivity …
„Interactivity has the danger of becoming the new default addition to video under a false belief that any kind of activity is better than sitting, listening and thinking about something.“
4. Use a video as an opportunity to hone your message …
5. Remember video like everything else takes practice …“
Neil Mosley, Blog, 22. Oktober 2021

Bildquelle: Brands&People (Unsplash)

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