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What Is Qi Agreement

A6. A CCG form request should include: a) CCG Application Letter (required to submit an application). (b) Organizational chart (mandatory for application). (c) Proposed model plan (may be submitted after submission of an application). a) The CCG cover letter must meet all the requirements set out in paragraph 10.02(B) of the IQ Agreement and Article 8.02(C) of the WP Agreement in a manner that demonstrates that all companies to be incorporated into the CCG meet those requirements. The application letter must also list the legal names, FATCA IDs, entity IDs, and QI-IINs of all IQ-IINs under the same common property or wp-IINs of all WPs that have the same sponsoring entity, including co-ownership IQs or WPs that have the same sponsoring entity that do not intend to be part of the CCG. In this list, you must specify exactly which entities want to be included in the CCG and which do not. For companies that do not intend to be part of the CCG, it is important to note those that intend to conduct the periodic review and certify it separately and that intend to request an exemption from the periodic review. If the Compliance Unit wishes to exclude certain entities that are to be part of the CCG from the consolidated periodic review, the request letter must include the total reportable amounts for the accounts of foreign account holders and the reportable payments for accounts held by U.S. account holders during the review year.

by entity, for each CCG entity. The cover letter must also include a statement confirming that the proposed compliance entity is jointly and severally liable for the obligations and liabilities of an entity in the consolidated compliance group in relation to the entity`s obligations under the QI or WP agreement. The declaration should be signed by the responsible representative of the proposed compliance body. If the entity is a WP and the proposed compliance entity is not the sponsoring entity, the application letter should include a description of the proposed compliance entity`s relationship with WPs in the proposed CCG and why the proposed compliance entity should be considered for compliance status. b) Provide an organizational chart for all IQs under the same common property or a list of all P/Ts that have the same sponsorship unit for the purposes of Chapter 4. (c) The proposed sampling design shall include the sample size, strata and allocation of sampling units to the proposed strata; The sampling plan should generally be based on the safe harbour method described in Annex II, Section II. One…