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If Chain Of Agreement Missing

1. Is the Search for letters and titles of the Corporation sufficient for missing documents of the first owner? The bank`s search for securities is clear. Dear Reema, your agent could talk mainly about the registration of the „contract of sale“ and not the deed of sale. If so, it may be normal to go. The document by which the title is transferred to the name of the buyer is called „Immediate Title Deed (ITD)“. If you do not submit this document, the banks will not take into consideration your application for construction credit under any circumstances. All other documents before the DTI are called chain documents. In the absence of one of these chained documents, applicants for a residential construction loan must follow the necessary steps, for example. B the submission of an FIR or the publication of a public notice in a newspaper. The deed of ownership means the sale and transfer of ownership of the real estate from the seller to the buyer.

Title/Certificate of Sale is a real estate document that defines the primary proof of ownership for sale in the future. This document is registered with the student secretariat. Yes. You can obtain a certified copy of the missing. The EC will support them. 4. It depends on your buyer if they continue to buy without the missing document. However, if the above precautions are taken, there should be no problem. Description of the ownership document: the amendment covers any extension, modification or modification of certain clauses of the main agreement. Often, changes are necessary to the main agreement and the only way to execute it is through the endorsement. It is enough to check if an endorsement is executed against the main agreement.

Why it`s necessary: To avoid future shocks with modified clauses that you may not know and that are not in real estate documents. Mandatory: Yes Required in original: Not Required for: Real estate purchase Property description Document: The construction contract is another real estate document of imp. It is essentially a contract of enterprise. In other words, it is a written agreement on the execution of the works related to the construction of the housing and also includes the transfer or sale of the goods that participate in the execution of the contract. The nature of this contract is such that a person undertakes to carry out work by integrating different objects, objects and goods into this work. Once completed, these items, along with the work performed, are the property of the person for whom the work was performed. Why it is necessary: As in the mandatory description: Yes Required in the original: Yes Required for: Real estate purchase + Real estate loan Sir hamne ek apartment dekha hai home credit permit ho Gaya seller ka original real estate paper absent ho Gaya o police FIR Kiya hai journal me diya hai ragistar office se papier Nikal k de Raha to borrow ho jayega ki nahi future me kuchh problem ho sakta hai kya sir pls help me 2) Even according to the law on the transfer of ownership, it is not mandatory to prove ownership that the current owner is in possession of all the original documents (original in the chain of registered deeds of sale). . . .