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What Is A Prenuptial Agreement Yahoo Answers

I think a pre-nup is a must. Every couple should think about it in love and respect for marriage. The pre-Nup would allow you to decide what your values and beliefs are, instead of being in the mood of the law, when and where you live when your marriage is in trouble. I have been married for 30 years, and my husband and I have never believed in prenuptial agreements. To be a Christian first and foremost, not to divorce. Our daughter got married and her husband had an affair with her and left her to the other lady. After a very busy year and a legal battle, she reclaimed the property that we (her parents) helped her buy. Part of the property was purchased before the wedding. We never recommend that our children marry without marriage. The experience of life can bring you difficult lessons.

Future finances will be an important issue and both sides should provide independent legal advice to ensure that negotiations proceed as smoothly as possible. Lawyers are best placed to negotiate on behalf of future spouses and design a prenup. In addition, the agreement cannot be applicable without the participation of appropriate legal advice. My xfiancee had multiple sclerosis. she claimed that she would never need my money and that she could live independently if we dissolved marriage for any reason (I don`t believe in divorce, so I don`t need prenup, but she was born and raised in Canada and she has been in several realtionships). She told me, unless I cheated on her or swore to abuse her phsylically, she won`t need the money and she agreed to put it in the paper… I said, no claims. It doesn`t matter what you say… Please, in a piece of paper. She woke up the next day and said she would never give anything in writing. It was a disaster. After that, I didn`t trust him.

[…] The post-uptial agreement is also useful in many cases where a marital agreement is useful, but you don`t […] All married couples have a “marital arrangement” – it`s called the “right to divorce.” However, many people are dissatisfied with the way the right to divorce works and prefer to take control of their lives rather than leave it to the government. In these cases, it makes a lot of sense to get a custom takeup. If the prenup has been poorly formulated or if a party`s financial situation has changed radically since the first preparation of the contract, the result of a prenupe could be unbalanced. 5. You own part of a business. In the absence of a marriage agreement, your spouse may own a share of your business at the end of your marriage. Your trading partners may not want to. A prenup can ensure that your spouse will not become an unwanted partner in your business.