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Us Eu Organic Equivalency Agreement

The United States has an equivalency agreement with the European Union (EU). This means that, as long as the terms of the agreement are met, organic farms certified according to USDA organic or organic EU standards can be labelled and sold as organic in both countries. Documentation – USDA Organic Products. A USDA-accredited certification officer must complete an electronic inspection certificate via TRACES for all USDA organic products traded under the agreement. Similarly, the United States allows European products manufactured and processed under the EU organic programme to be marketed as “organic” in the United States using the USDA bio logo under two conditions: from 2012, the United States and the European Union will have an equivalency agreement that recognises the inspection and certification of the country concerned. Certified organic products in the United States or IN EU Member States are considered authentically represented. This reciprocity agreement means that the USDA organic logo can be affixed to certified organic products. Greece is part of the European Union. The EVOO Furies has been certified organic by DIO, Inspection and Certification Organization of Organic Products. Founded in 1993, Dio is approved by the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food of the Hellenic Republic as the official body for the inspection and certification of organic products in accordance with EU legislation in Greece, under the code GR-BIO-01. In addition to these restrictions, all products traded under the convention must be accompanied by an import customs certificate.

This document lists the place of production, the organization that certified the organic product, which determines whether banned substances and methods have not been used, certifies that the terms of the agreement have been met and allows the tracing of the products marketed., the Organic Trade Association, in collaboration with the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service and the National Organic Program, organized a webin on this historic arrangement. The webinar brought together industry members with government officials to discuss how the U.S. and EU organic equivalency system is creating exciting new business opportunities. We are committed to the authenticity of our EVOO, our environmentally friendly and sustainable harvesting practices, and the unprecedented health and safety standards. The USDA bio and DIO logos are both proud to be seen on every can of the EVOO furies. As part of the agreement, the EU recognises the USDA National Organising Programme (NOP) as equivalent to the EU organic programme (in accordance with EU law) and allows US organic products to be marketed in the EU under two “organic” conditions using the EU organic logo: the Organic Trade Association (OTA) is the organic industry trade association. The role of the OTA is to promote and protect green trade for the good of the environment, farmers, the public and the economy. OTA imagines that organic products become an important part of everyday life and improve people`s lives and the environment.

OTA represents companies throughout the organic supply chain and handles all organic sectors, including food, fibre/textiles, body care products and new sectors. More than sixty per cent of OTA members are small businesses. Detailed information on the US-EU BIO Equivalency Agreement can be found on the OTA website. This agreement focuses on the importance of agricultural production using environmentally friendly methods in both the US and EU markets. Its objectives include reducing administrative burdens and new business opportunities on both sides. Previously, companies that wanted to trade products on both sides of the Atlantic had to obtain separate certifications under both standards, which meant a second set of royalties, inspections and paperwork.