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Songtrust Agreement

Administrative agreements generally do not involve creative services and focus exclusively on administrative tasks such as correctly recording your songs with collectible companies around the world and collecting royalties on your behalf. Administration agreements can sometimes contain an advance that must be recovered in the same way as in the case of a co-publication agreement. Publishing administrators like Songtrust have relationships with performance and mechanical collections companies around the world, making licensing much easier than a single songwriter would be, giving you time to focus on writing and work to advance your songs creatively. To learn more about the terms of Songtrust`s administrative agreement, click here. These pay down payments are the draw of this kind of agreement, because a songwriter can feel a little safer. As part of the agreement, the publisher also assumes administrative and creative tasks for the author`s catalogue. Copyright Agent ST MUSIC LLC 485 Broadway, New York, NY 10013 Email – Follow us @songtrust Subscribe to our NewsletterVisit the Songtrust Blog You accept and compensate, Our senior executives, directors, shareholders, representatives, service providers, related companies, licensees, users, licensees, representatives and representatives (all „aggrieved parties“) of and against any liability and costs incurred by the parties compensated in the event of a claim resulting from a violation of these Terms of Use or of the above assurances, guarantees and obligations, including legal fees, without limitation, are not known to them. They must cooperate in the defence of a claim in a manner as comprehensive as reasonably necessary and, without our prior written consent, not enter into a transaction agreement that infringes our rights. We reserve the right to defend and control all others you compensate. These Terms of Use apply to (the „Website“) and constitute a legal agreement between you and ST Music LLC („we“) regarding the conditions under which site visitors must comply.

If you also sign up for Songtrust services, as long as there is an inconsistency between these Terms of Use and Songtrust`s Terms, Songtrust`s terms apply. It`s a kind of publishing contract. In an administration agreement, you, the songwriter, will retain 100% of the responsibility for your copyright and give 10 to 25% of your publisher`s share in the form of administrative fees. The duration of an administration agreement is usually between 1 and 3 years. Publication administrators do not own or control any percentage of your copyright at any time during or after the term of the agreement.