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Psac Collective Agreement Sv

TBS successfully entered into collective agreements for 17 CPA groups with 11 negotiators. These 17 collective agreements involve workers represented by some of the major bargaining partners, including PIPSC, CAPE and ACFO. In order to meet Schedule L of the collective agreement, the PSAC and the employer conducted a collective salary study for the SC group. This primary research study was completed by Mercer Canada in March 2019 and reviewed by both the union and the employer. The wage study consisted of four different SC jobs and the results showed that the SC positions examined all had wages comparable to the market (Table 17). The parties have different proposals for the duration of the revised agreement. The employer proposes a four-year period, while the PSAC argues for a three-year contract. Given the magnitude of the bargaining officer`s outstanding proposals, the employer requests that the PSAC consider a limited number of proposals that take into account the current collective bargaining landscape and the recent results of negotiations with other federal public service officials. The large number of proposals makes it difficult for the parties to focus their work on key priorities; a smaller number of proposals should significantly improve the likelihood of implementation. The employer respectfully proposes to the Commission to give direction in this regard and to order the parties to return to negotiations with a reduced number of proposals before the Commission`s report is published. Based on the above information, the adoption of the employer`s proposal would ensure consistency with other collective agreements submitted to the CSSDA and provide for an update of the older language. The new SV Group collective agreement will cover a timetable for low to moderate economic growth.

In addition, there are negative risks associated with the economic outlook, which could lead to weaker labour markets and lower-than-expected wage growth. Given near-record interest rates in major industrialized countries and signs of a deteriorating global outlook, the focus will be on maintaining an affordable level of federal compensation for the country`s economic performance to enable the government to meet its fiscal commitments and better respond to future economic uncertainties. In its approach to collective bargaining and renewal of collective agreements, the employer`s objective is to ensure fair compensation for workers while respecting its overall budgetary responsibility and commitments to the priorities of government and Canadians. The PSAC also submitted 55 specific amendments to the SV table, in 22 articles and 6 annexes. These changes include increases in vacation provisions, new certificates and other monetary and non-monetary items that are not currently included in the SV Treaty and/or other CPA collective agreements.