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Pilot Training Agreement Sample

A post-employment contract or training contract that is presented after you are already employed by a company should always be carefully considered. When should you sign, if he does? Most states do not allow your employer to keep your salary if you leave your job or are fired for refusing to sign a training contract, because most states cannot meet wages under the law, unless a pilot says, „If you get a training contract , the ball is really with you. Some companies are pilots who bleed. Maybe it`s because they`re not big companies you can work for. So instead of creating incentives or improving working conditions to keep their drivers, they do the opposite. They threaten pilots with pilot training contracts. We showed Joe Lamonaca, professional aviation lawyer, a pilot training contract, and promissory judge note one of our pilots had obtained after the job. Joe has been a lawyer for 23 years and has been a pilot for 30 years. He`s an experienced lawyer, but his first love is to steal.

As a commercial air transport pilot (ATP), Turbine-Jet-typ, he understands the needs of his clients from his experience as a commercial pilot and his experience as an instructor at Flight Safety International (FSI). He is also named Lead Safety Representative of the Federal Aviation Administration and was FAA Safety Advisor from 2007 until October 2008. If you fly for part of Operator 135, your employer must have them take specific courses and training so that they can put you on their certificates to fly for them. If you already have an 8410 check trip from another operator, it is sometimes accepted by the FAA, as long as the training provider and curriculum are in accordance with the requirements of the new operator. If you are already qualified on the plane you hire to fly, you should not have to sign a training contract just to meet your requirements. As a general rule, your employer is responsible for the training required to carry out your duties. If you are presented with a training contract before hiring or after employment, you can consult an aviation lawyer before signing. If you have already signed a training contract but have a good lawyer, you may be able to challenge it in court. Company pilots are sometimes invited by their employers to sign pilot training contracts.

But is signing a good idea, something that corporate pilots should do? Joe says, „The good news for pilots is that they are back in demand and a training contract can always be negotiated.“ But be tactful. „Make sure you balance that with the message you`re sending to your employer in the aviation industry. Your employer simply wants you to stay for a certain mandate, so it`s important that the message you`re sending is not uncertainty about whether to stay in or out. We have to be careful to sign any document that pleads for trial. If you have questions about training contracts or other legal issues, would like to hear them. Call us or contact Amanda. We`re here to help. Of course, there are also unethical pilots who use their employer`s diat training without a sense of loyalty. When they suddenly have a new opportunity, their employer stays in his pocket.

A pilot training contract for a newly recruited pilot is an agreement to reimburse costly pilot training when the pilot leaves the employer. These are also often called Promissory Notes, which are easier to apply legally. „Pilots should always consider signing a post-employment contract. Some of the training contracts I have seen contain what is called a court or JPC confession.