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Meibc Wage Agreement 2020

Industrial Circular 2020 2 UIF Covid 19 Relief Scheme Claims History should repeat itself: Seifsa and Numsa will reach an agreement with or without strike. MA Negs 2020 SEIFSA and trade unions have adopted the stand-still agreement For many years, Seifsa and Numsa have extended these agreements to the rest of the steel industry through strict anti-SMME legislative agreements and corruption. This has largely contributed to the devastating de-industrialization of the steel industry – in terms of reductions, plant closures and self-toming, with catastrophic job losses resulting. A review of current employment conditions over the next 12 months would not involve a wage adjustment. The current collective agreement between Seifsa and Numsa binds its members to a minimum wage of R49.56 per hour for the lowest paid job. In addition, the additional acquisition costs of 38 per cent (including administrative expenses, settlement contributions, health insurance funds, cash contributions, allowances for leave pay, leave allowances, additional paid leave, sick pay, family leave benefits, unemployment insurance, qualifying contributions, security and security contributions) brings the entry salary (for an unskilled worker) to more than R11,000 R11 000 a month. In order for workers who do not report employment to be protected, the union must have announced the protest action at least 14 days in advance. Therefore, any absence is not protected today to participate in the protest action. The interior of the country on 7 October 2020 will be protected, and workers who participate in it will be protected with respect to their absence from work.

The principle of non-work applies. Unions registered with the Metals and Engineering Industry Bargaining Council (MEIBC) have pledged to take up SEIFSA`s proposal to postpone negotiations until 2020 and extend the terms of the current main agreement to their respective members across the country until 30 June 2021. Solidarity and five other unions negotiating here have declared a dispute on the basis of six points, including an overall wage increase. MEIBC employers currently offer only a 4.1% increase. Unions are calling for a 13% increase. In addition, employers want to sign a five-year contract, but unions only ask for a one-year contract. Meibc wages are 55 per cent higher than the minimum wage in the automotive industry at the lowest level and 22 per cent above the rate applicable to craftsmen. According to Ilze Nieuwoudt, spokesperson for Solidarity, more than 330,000 employees are present at MEIBC in some 10,000 different companies. „It is absolutely necessary for employers to reconsider their emergency offer and act in the interests of workers.