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Civ 5 Science Agreement

Because the evaluation scales were ordinal, we measured the evaluators` level of compliance using the Kendall match coefficient. As shown in Table 7, all match coefficients were significant, so reliability between advisors was generally high. Fourth, the player who wins a global resolution at the World Congress wins the diplomatic victory. All heads of civilization are represented by a number of delegates to the World Congress (later in the United Nations match) where they can propose, promulgate, reject or repeal resolutions that, for better or worse, affect them all (. B, for example, embargoes, financing and taxation). The number of delegates of a civilization is particularly important for the proposals that must be adopted at the World Congress, and this depends mainly on the number of allies of that civilization in the city-state. Players can search for allies from sixty-four city-states (z.B Zurich, Prague and Hanoi) of different types (for example. B religious, commercial and maritime) and diplomats help them understand what other civilizations think of their proposed resolutions and conclude diplomatic agreements. Hamari J, Koivisto J, Sarsa H (2014) Does gamification work? A literature review of empirical studies on gamification.

In: Proceedings of the 47th Hawaii international conference on system sciences, Waikéloa Village, Pp 3025-3034 As a result, our assessors independently assessed the skills demonstrated by participants in their work on exercises and we have on average their individual evaluations to obtain final marks for each exercise. Because the evaluation scale was ordered, we measured the evaluators` level of compliance using the Kendall match coefficient. All match coefficients were significant, so the reliability of interraters was generally high (appendix 4). Then we took the assessors` skills beyond the exercises to obtain composite skills. For example, to measure the organizational and planning qualification dimension, we used case study data, basket exercises and presentation, and studied the following competency assessments: coaching, delegation, strategic thinking, planning and planning, structuring and organization, and time sensitivity; To measure the qualification dimension Problem solution, we used data from the case study and basket exercises, as well as from the group discussion, and studied the following competency assessments: finding solutions, analyzing problems, analyzing problems and fact-finding.