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Cash And Accounts Management Agreement

Each of your accounts with River City Bank is also subject to account agreements and identity cards (together the „deposit agreement and disclosure“). It is the customer`s responsibility to ensure that each signatory, authorized agent, service user and all account owners and beneficiaries have a copy of this access agreement and the deposit and disclosure agreement. You and the person entering into this access contract are entitled to take and honour the obligations you have contracted under this access contract. This access agreement does not violate the law or contradict other agreements to which you are subject. More information can be found in the „Positive Exceptions and Reports“ section in your user manual, as this manual and its components are updated and renamed from time to time. In the event of a conflict between this manual and the service actually provided at any given time, the functionality and service settings actually available are checked. If an account does not have sufficient resources available to pay a cheque or ACH debit station, the bank is not required to pay the cheques or ACH debit fees presented for that account. By using the service, you accept all restrictions, conditions, deadlines, conditions and service requirements that are managed and imposed by the bank`s online cash management system. 15.2 Notwithstanding the above, but subject to the customer`s compliance with section 11 requirements, where the customer is in a loss as a result of a transaction that the customer has made in due form through the services, due to gross negligence or deliberate fault of the bank in the settlement of this transaction, the bank is responsible for the return of funds not paid with interest at the interest rate: which the bank paid on that date on account savings accounts, from the date of that error, but not from the date on which these funds are returned to the account from which the money was withdrawn. , and for the instruction to the right recipient that payments or transfers that were previously misdirected or not have been transferred to the right recipient.

RE-CREDITING OF CUSTOMER`S ACCOUNT AND RE-DIRECTING OF PAYMENTS AND TRANSFERS, AND INTEREST ONLY, AS PROVIDED IN THE IMMEDIATELY PRECEDING SENTENCE, WILL CONSTITUTE BANK`S ENTIRE LIABILITY FOR SUCH INCOMPLETE OR INCORRECT PAYMENTS OR TRANSFERS, AND CUSTOMER AGREES THAT IT WILL NOT BE ENTITLED TO ANY OTHER RECOVERY OR RELIEF. At the bank`s choice, the payment of these interest can be made by crediting a customer account to the bank. With the bill payment service, you can plan bill payments through cash management services. You can plan to pay your current, future and recurring invoices on one of your eligible Current Accounts at River City Bank. There is no limit to the number of payments that can be claimed on your current accounts. Other types of accounts may have transaction restrictions as described in your deposit and disclosure contract. You can pay any dealer or person using the bill payment service. By providing us with the names of beneficiaries/traders, you allow us to comply with payment instructions addressed to these beneficiaries/traders, which you provide to us through cash management services. The earlier date of (a) the date on which you specify that a payment must be sent and (b) the date on which the invoice payment system can send the payment according to our normal transactions is called „broadcast date.“