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I don’t want to learn

Ein lesenswerter Artikel: Warum reagieren wir abwehrend, wenn wir von der Notwendigkeit des Lernens, des lebenslangen Lernens, hören? Es ist, so Gina Ebner nach einem Moment der Selbstreflexion, auch eine Frage der Formulierung …

„Let’s change the narrative on continuing vocational education and training, and adult education. Let’s stop telling people that they have to learn/train/upskill/reskill. At the workplace, let’s talk about the great opportunity that planned learning will bring and not that ‘we have to do a training’. In fact, let’s have more workplace learning during working hours to ease the pressure on the employees.

Let’s change our arguments to how much joy learning can bring; how many benefits there are, even if they are not financial; that it’s not a task, but an interesting and rewarding activity.

Let’s enjoy and promote all kinds of learning.
Learning can make you happy.“
Gina Ebner, EPALE (Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe), 11. November 2019

Bildquelle: EPALE

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