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How MOOCs Make Money

In diesem Artikel wird Dhawal Shah, Gründer des Informationsdienstes Class Central, zum Geschäftsmodell der MOOC-Anbieter befragt. Seine Auskunft lautet, dass „Coursera generated about $140 million in 2018; Udacity earned $90 million for the year; edX took in about $57 million for fiscal year 2017; and UK-based FutureLearn made about £8.2 million.“ Das hört sich gut an, wenn man davon absieht, dass das Geld noch nie mit „offenen“ (open) Kursen verdient wurde.

Campus Technology: But you predict a healthy future for MOOCs?

Shah: In terms of them making money, yes. But as a student who likes free courses, sometimes I get nervous. What I’m optimistic about is that they’ll keep offering these courses for free or free to audit because they act as a marketing channel and that gives them a financial reason for MOOCs to exist. But it’s mostly optimism. I don’t know if that’s how it will turn out to be.“
Dian Schaffhauser, Campus Technology, 20. März 2019 

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