Jochen Robes über Bildung, Lernen und Trends

The Business of ‚Ed-Tech Trends‘

Das passt zu den vielen Trendberichten (und ist vielleicht die letzte Übersicht, die uns Audrey Watters schreibt!): Wie schon in den Jahren zuvor, hat sie wieder einen kritischen Blick auf Ed-Tech geworfen, also die Investitionen in Educational Technology bzw. Bildungstechnologien. Hier ihre wichtigsten Beobachtungen:

  • „… it was another record-setting year for ed-tech investment: Investment dollars: $4.46 billion“
  • „The most well-funded types of education company this year were those who offered tutoring. Tutoring, to be clear, here mostly means test prep.“
  • „Of the twenty some-odd tutoring companies that raised funding this year, ten were Chinese.“
  • „The industry’s fixation on “the future of learning” certainly seems to prevent many people from taking a good look at the past.“
    Zum Beispiel MOOC-Anbieter Udacity: „This year, Udacity ended its money-back guarantee. It upped the price of its “nanodegrees.” (Its MOOC competitor edX also announced this year that many of its courses would no longer be free.) Udacity laid off about a quarter of its staff mid-year. And its CEO stepped down.“
  • „The connections between tech and authoritarianism became a lot more obvious this year, I’d hope.“
  • The Business of Education Philanthropy: „… billionaires – tech billionaires and otherwise – all seem convinced that through their philanthropic efforts they can reshape education, reshape how education is funded and what is taught.“
    Aber: „… philanthropy is no substitute for not paying your taxes.“

Wie an anderer Stelle schon gesagt: Wenn Audrey Watters Analysen künftig fehlen werden, entsteht eine riesige Lücke!
Audrey Watters, Hack Education, 31. Dezember 2018

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