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LinkedIn Becomes a Serious Open Learning Platform

Vielleicht muss zuerst „open learning platform“ erklärt bzw. übersetzt werden: „… it’s now announcing it has completely opened up its learning platform to external content partners. This is the company’s formal announcement that LinkedIn Learning is not just an amazing array of content, it is a corporate learning platform. The company wants to become a single place for all organizational learning content.“

LinkedIn (Learning) wächst weiter. Jetzt also Partnerschaften mit Anbietern wie zum Beispiel Harvard ManageMentor, getAbstract und Treehouse. LinkedIn als Learning Platform bzw. Learning Experience Platform, schreibt Analyst Josh Bersin (der übrigens LinkedIn auch berät, in seinem Urteil also nicht ganz unvoreingenommen ist). Aber etwas kommt noch hinzu, was LinkedIn von allen anderen Plattform-Anbietern abhebt:

„When your employees use LinkedIn Learning, the platform knows a lot about them that your typical LMS does not understand. It has their job history, their connections and their social profile and inferred skills. This means the recommendations and learning paths they see in LinkedIn will be fairly well targeted, useful and directly relevant to their jobs and future career paths. Most LMSs barely do this at all, so this alone is a reason to take a look.

It’s time for learning professionals to think about LinkedIn differently. Yes, the company is the largest professional network. Yes, it’s a fantastic platform to find jobs and people. But now it’s a serious learning solution, and one with some pretty interesting competitive advantages.“
Josh Bersin, Chief Learning Officer, 9. November 2018

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