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Whatever Happened To MOOCs?

Eine kleine Dosis MOOC: Der Autor zeichnet kurz, knapp und korrekt die Entwicklung des noch jungen Phänomens nach. Die Fragen, die er dabei beantwortet, lauten: Where Did the Idea Originate? (hier bietet er drei Lesarten an und ordnet sympathischerweise Stanford und Sebastian Thrun erst im folgenden Absatz ein), What is a MOOC?, What Problems Did MOOCs Intend to Solve?, Do MOOCs Work?

Hier sein Fazit:

„They are still around but strikingly downsized and in the middle of being monetized and re-directed. The initial cheerleaders for MOOCs such as Sebastian Thrun, Daphne Koller, and Andrew Ng formed companies (e.g., Udacity, Coursera) that either stumbled badly, and subsequently altered their business plan. Many of these founders also departed for greener pastures …

MOOCs persist but as in the case of so many other hyped innovations using new technologies, a slimmer, more tempered, and corporate version exists in 2017 awarding certificates and micro-credentials …“

Larry Cuban, Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice, 28. Oktober 2017

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