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Empowering Young Minds Everywhere: Five Teams Advance To Final Round Of $15M Global Learning XPRIZE

15 Millionen Dollar sind insgesamt ausgelobt. 1 Millionen hat jeder der fünf Finalisten bereits sicher. Die Hürde, die sie nehmen mussten: „… software solutions to enable children to teach themselves basic reading, writing and arithmetic.“ Jetzt sollen die Lösungen 15 Monate lang in Tansania getestet werden. Viele sind dabei: die UNESCO, das World Food Programme (WFP), das Government of Tanzania und Google, das 8.000 Pixel C-Tablets spendiert. Der Sieger („… whose solution enables the greatest proficiency gains in reading, writing and arithmetic“) erhält am Ende die verbleibenden 10 Millionen Dollar. Open Source/ Open Content sind Kriterien, die die Wettbewerber erfüllen müssen. Und was sich in Tansania bewährt … Das Projekt erinnert mich irgendwie an One Laptop per Child.

„- CCI (New York, United States) is developing structured and sequential instructional programs, in addition to a platform seeking to enable non-coders to develop engaging learning content in any language or subject area.
Chimple (Bangalore, India) is developing a learning platform aimed at enabling children to learn reading, writing and mathematics on a tablet through more than 60 explorative games and 70 different stories.
Kitkit School (Berkeley, United States) is developing a learning program with a game-based core and flexible learning architecture aimed at helping children independently learn, irrespective of their knowledge, skill, and environment.
onebillion (UK/Malawi/Tanzania) is merging numeracy content with new literacy material to offer directed learning and creative activities alongside continuous monitoring to respond to different children’s needs.
RoboTutor (Pittsburgh, United States) is leveraging Carnegie Mellon’s research in reading and math tutors, speech recognition and synthesis, machine learning, educational data mining, cognitive psychology, and human-computer interaction.“

Global Learning XPRIZE, Press Release, 18. September 2017

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