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The History of the Pedometer (and the Problems with Learning Analytics)

Audrey Watters ist gebeten worden, über Learning Analytics zu berichten, hat sich aber stattdessen für Schrittzähler entschieden. Denn „ed-tech is boring“! Am Ende ihres kurzen Ausflugs steht sie mit Fragen da, guten, berechtigten Fragen:

„Is this meaningful data? Are „steps“ or „calories“ meaningful units of measurement, for example? What can we truly know based on this data? Are our measurements accurate? Is our analysis, based on the data that we’ve collected, accurate? What sorts of assumptions are we making when we collect and analyze this data? Assumptions about bodies, for example. Assumptions about what to count. Assumptions and value judgments about „health“? How much is science, and how much is marketing? Whose data is this? Who owns it? Who controls it? Who gets to see it? Is this data shared or sold? …“ (… die Fragen gehen noch weiter!)
Audrey Watters, Hack Education, 22. Juni 2017

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