Jochen Robes über Bildung, Lernen und Trends

Lights, camera, interaction. Making interactive video work for learning

Ein Guide in 11 Kapiteln der e-Learning-Spezialisten von Kineo. Er will Bildungsexperten und -verantwortliche mit der nächsten bzw. neuesten Entwicklungsstufe von Video (oder: von e-Learning?) anfreunden: „In the last few years marketing and advertising agencies have given interactive video a shot in the arm using slick new digital techniques so it runs smoothly online with exciting new features like interactive hotspots, built in scoring and tracking (SCORM) and analytics.“

Der Guide erklärt in einfachen Worten:
„- what types of learning work well delivered as interactive video
– ideas on how to use interactive video for different learning needs
– top tips for delivering interactive video without breaking the bank
– tried and tested formats and templates
– examples of interactive video in action.“

City & Guilds Kineo, 22. November 2016 (Registrierung erforderlich)

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