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The Overselling of Open

Ein nüchterner Blick, den Jim Groom hier auf das Thema „open“ und OER wirft: „What seemed like a movement defined by an anarchic spirit of revolution from 2004-2011 (at least for me-this was a fairly personal narrative) morphed into a fairly tame, almost conservative approach to education: massive lectures and free textbooks.“ Und wenn sich Bildungsinstitutionen in OER engagieren? Jim Groom: „… we can’t leave something as important as teaching and learning on the web to institutions.“

Was bleibt aus seiner Sicht? „… all of which reinforce the idea that small is beautiful-and the best way at building an open web that matters is helping as many people as possible start small and reclaim a piece of the web.“ Konsequent.
Jim Groom, bavatuesdays, 14. September 2016

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