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Why America’s MOOC pioneers have abandoned ship

Die Ausgangslage: „In 2014, Coursera founder Andrew Ng left day-to-day activities that company to join the Chinese search engine firm Baidu (although he remains Coursera’s Chairman of the Board). Earlier this year, Sebastian Thrun, founder of Udacity, departed that company earlier this year perhaps frustrated by what he once famously called its „lousy product.“ Last week, Coursera’s other co-founder, Daphne Koller, exited in order to join a subsidiary of Google.“

Jonathan Rees: „… MOOCs are destined to remain ghost ships floating on the open ocean, without the lost crew that had such high hopes to transform education forever at the start of their long journeys.“

Auch wenn der Autor zu Recht Fragezeichen hinter die Geschäftsmodelle der MOOC-Anbieter setzt: er reduziert im Umkehrschluss eine Lernumgebung, zu der heute unwiderruflich Medien und Netze gehören, auf MOOCs.
Jonathan Rees, More or Less Bunk, 22. August 2016

Nachtrag (04.09.2016): „A New Challenge“ (Daphne Koller)

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