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The Workplace as an Experience: Three New HR Roles Emerge

Viele Stichworte, die wir in der Weiterbildung diskutieren, sind selbst Spiegel aktueller Entwicklungen. Die „learning experience“ ist so ein Beispiel. So schrieb Josh Bersin in seinen „Predictions for 2016“: „… people who used to be called „instructional designers“ are now „learning experience designers“ because they no longer „teach“ as they „design learning experiences.“

Und hier setzen auch die Beobachtungen von Jeanne Meister an, die unter dem Dach „employee experience“ drei Rollen identifiziert und vorstellt: Recruiting Scrum Master (GE Digital), People Analytics Director (IBM), Head of Employee Experience (Forrester).

„These three roles all focus on creating a compelling employee experience, and are becoming the ‘new normal,‘ for how Human Resource departments are transforming the workplace as an experience. These new roles also point to the opportunity for HR to reach out to employees in other disciplines such as marketing, communications, software engineering, and data science who are filling these roles.“
Jeanne Meister, Forbes, 13. Mai 2016

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