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The seventh, annual, Top Ten E-learning Movers and Shakers lists

Bob Little stellt einmal im Jahr eine Reihe von Top Ten-Listen auf: über die „most influential people in the corporate e-learning sector – in the World, North America, Europe, the UK and Asia-Pacific“. Und, hey, unter der „Europe list“ gibt es eine Kategorie „Bubbling under“ (also: „in zweiter Reihe“ bzw. „unter ferner liefen“), und dort findet sich auch mein Name! Etwas überraschend, wenn man bedenkt, dass ich fast ausschließlich im deutschsprachigen Umfeld unterwegs bin.

Aus gegebenem Anlass zitiere ich kurz die Kriterien, nach denen Bob Little seine Auswahl trifft: „These ‘movers and shakers‘ lists are compiled from a corporate online learning perspective, on the basis of a person’s perceived current influence on the online learning industry – as a practitioner, commentator, facilitator and/or thought leader. In such a highly subjective area, opinions will always differ – and it’s guaranteed that the judges‘ decisions will not meet with universal acclaim – but these lists represent the views of a number of key people about the personalities who lead the corporate online learning world.“

Hier die Top Ten der „World list“:

1. Craig Weiss – an e-learning analyst, author, speaker and thought leader who is CEO of E-Learning 24/7. He was the main protagonist in forming the new international e-learning think tank, The Company of Thought, in 2015. (Position last year: 1)
2. Elliott Masie – head of The MASIE Center, a New York think tank focused on how organizations can support learning and knowledge within the workforce. (Position last year: 2)
3. Laura Overton – a speaker, and managing director of Towards Maturity (Position last year: 5)
4. Christopher Pappas – Greek US-based founder and CEO of the eLearning Industry Network (Position last year: 3)
5. Harold Jarche – the Canada-based ‘thought catalyst‘, writer and blogger. (Position last year: 6)
6. Patti Shank – founder of Learning Peaks, and an internationally recognized expert on, and advocate for, the pragmatics of the design of information and instruction to help people do what they need to do. (Position last year: 7)
7. Rebecca Stromeyer – owner of ICWE, which runs Online Educa as well as E-Learning Africa (Position last year: 8 )
8. Abhijit Bhaduri – the Chief Learning Officer at Wipro Group who is also a blogger, speaker and writer (for the Wall Street Journal, The Economic Times and the Times of India). (New entry for 2016)
9. Sunder Ramachandran – the Mumbai-based Head of Training at Pfizer whose articles have appeared in many publications. Also a speaker and blogger. (Position last year: 10)
10. Debbie Richards – President of Creative Interactive Ideas, a consultant, speaker, and a member of the board of directors of the ATD Houston Chapter. (New entry for 2016)

Bob Little Press, training press releases, 4. Januar 2016

Bob Little Press, training press releases, 2. Januar 2015 – See more at: Little Press, training press releases, 2. Januar 2015

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