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70:20:10 – a useful model

Ein nützliches Modell stellt 70:20:10 dar, wenn man es mit dem Übergang in die „network era“ und „creative economy“ verbindet. Ein überzeugendes Modell, wenn man das Management fragt, ob es lieber mehr in die 10 Prozent oder die 90 Prozent investieren möchte. Und ein herausforderndes Modell, wenn es um die Zukunft von Learning & Development geht:

„While the 10% (Education) is the domain of the L&D discipline, the other 90% (Exposure & Experience) could be supported by people from sales, marketing, communications or many other areas. It is not a foregone conclusion that these roles will be filled by trainers, and that is unsettling for ‘learning‘ professionals who have most of their experience in designing formal training and education. …

The network era enterprise does not need ‘Training 2.0′ but rather a new organizational learning approach, where learning is integrated into the workflow. Many departments outside L&D are already staking this new ground and building their expertise. They understand the usefulness of the 70:20:10 model.“
Harold Jarche, adapting to perpetual beta, 12. November 2015

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