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Learning and frameworks

Es ist schon beeindruckend, wie Clark Quinn hier in wenigen Sätzen eine Diskussion um das 70:20:10 Modell und die zukünftige Rolle von Learning & Development auf den Punkt bringt. Ich zitiere kurz den Absatz, in dem er die 70:20 und L&D zusammenführt:

„That’s where the 70:20:10 framework comes in. Leaving that mentoring and collaboration to chance is a mistake, because it’s demonstrably the case that people don’t necessarily have good self-learning skills. And if we foster self-learning skills, we can accelerate the learning outcomes for the organization. Addressing the skills and culture for learning, personally and collectively, is a valuable contribution that L&D should seize. And it’s not about controlling it all, but making an environment that’s conducive, and facilitating the component skills.“
Clark Quinn, Learnlets, 13. November 2015

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