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Don’t Think Like an Instructional Designer — Think Like a Game Designer

Karl Kapp, Experte und Buchautor („The Gamification of Learning and Instruction“), hat sein Anliegen gleich als Spiel verpackt, und die Botschaften kommen leichtfüßig, aber treffsicher: „People are motivated when they have autonomy, mastery and relatedness.“

„Here are five tips to help an instructional designer to think like a game designer:
1) Begin with activity
2) Create curiosity, mystery, intrigue
3) Create a challenge for the learner
4) Put learners at „mock“ risk
5) Give learners choices“

Karl Kapp, Kapp Notes, 6. Oktober 2015

Don't Think Like an Instructional Designer—Think Like a Game Designer from Karl Kapp

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