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10 x 10 lists on common mistakes in online learning

Donald Clark hat in den letzten Tagen und Wochen immer wieder kurze Artikel über das 1×1 des Online-Lernens geschrieben. Für Entwickler, Designer und Programmmanager. Nützlich und hands-on. „This started with a simple observation that I’m seeing, over and over again, the same mistakes being make on screen, with online learning. I hope you find them useful.“

„To ten tips in top ten topics in online learning:
– 10 ways to make badass INTROs in online learning
– 10 bloody good reasons for using much-maligned TEXT in online learning
– 10 essential online learning WRITING TIPS in online learning
– 10 stupid mistakes in design of MULTIPLE CHOICE questions
– 10 essential points on use of (recall not recognition) OPEN RESPONSE questions
– 10 rules on how to create great GRAPHICS in online learning
– 10 sound pieces of advice on use of AUDIO in onlinelearning
– 10 ways based on research to use VIDEO in online learning
– 10 ideas on use of much maligned TALKING HEAD videos in online learning
– 10 unusual ways to make SPACED PRACTICE happen in online learning

Donald Clark, Donald Clark Plan B, 18. September 2015

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