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Join the Nano Open Online Courses (NOOCs) Adventure!

Ein Nano Open Online Course (NOOC) ist ein Massive Open Online Course, der nur eine einzige Woche dauert, um Lernende und Gastgeber zu entlasten. Zaid Ali Alsagoff schreibt: „Instead of having to do the whole course, I can now focus on the juice (I want), get assessed, and be certified (or Badged) on it. Yes, a NOOC is more granular, chunked, digestible, meaningful (evidence) and juicy!“ Aber Stephen Downes fragt zu Recht: „My question is, can we build a meaningful network around a course that is an hour or two long? Or does it just become another way to present content?“
Zaid Ali Alsagoff, ZaidLearn, 24. Juli 2015

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