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What it is to be a “learning worker” (an interview)

Jane Hart beschreibt in diesem Interview, was Lernen heute in Unternehmen und für Mitarbeiter bedeutet, dass Lern- und Arbeitsprozesse immer mehr zusammenfallen und wie sich Learning & Development auf die neuen Anforderungen einstellen kann. Dabei hält sie auch fest, was sie unter „Learn how to learn“ versteht, nämlich:

  • „… how to build a habit of continuous learning and keep your eyes and ears constantly open and learn from everything around you
  • how to extract the learning from your work experiences. This, after all, is how most of how we learn to do our work takes place – as we do our job
  • how to keep up to date with what’s happening in your industry and profession – not just by going to an annual conference or reading a few industry magazines – that pretty much tells you what’s happening now, not what’s happening next – the place to find that out is in on the Social Web, in your prof social networks
  • how to recognise serendipitous learning – the accidental, unplanned learning that takes place everyday as a consequence of other things.“

Jane Hart, Learning in the Modern Workplace, 24. Juni 2015

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