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Think Together, Enable Dialogue and Get Feedback: From EDUPUNK to DS106 with Jim Groom

Jim Groom, einer der kreativsten Köpfe in Sachen Ed Tech, steht hier Rede und Antwort: über seinen Blog bavatuesdays, über EDUPUNK und ds106. Weitere Stichworte sind Open Access, MOOCs und die große Zukunft des Lehrens und Lernens. Und er bringt auf den Punkt, warum der Einsatz neuer Technologien nicht ohne Brüche, Fragen und Widersprüche geschieht:

„5) How has education changed in the last ten years, and are there good changes?
Slowly. The most dangerous thing about the technology revolution in education is the fact that it is often ahistorical. It seems like every new development, whether a device, product, or service, is the great game changer or disruptor. And that logic is insidious in the field right now because it often dehumanizes the truly inter-personal and dialogic nature of learning. Technology becomes a fantasy of scaling efficiency: the teacher-less classroom, the pre-recorded lecture, the automated grader.

The vision of technology as the augmentation of human intellect driving the pioneers of computing in the 1960s and 70s seems too often replaced with the idea of computers as time and money savers for educational institutions.“

Interview mit Jim Groom, EDEN Secretariat, 15. April 2015

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