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Context Is King: Why Today’s MOOCs Don’t Meet Corporate Needs

Was die Autoren sagen: Wenn Unternehmen dezentraler, durchlässiger und vernetzter werden, wenn Mitarbeiter selbständiger, teamorientierter und flexibler arbeiten sollen, dann muss die Weiterbildung dieser Entwicklung folgen. Die MOOCs der großen Plattform-Anbieter, also die xMOOCs, sind von daher keine Innovation: sie „still rely on an expert presenting information, with limited opportunities for students to engage“. Die ersten MOOCs dagegen „aimed to make online learning mimic the way people actually learn and solve problems, via collaboration and social interaction“.

Und auch auf die Gefahr hin, dass ich jetzt den halben Artikel zitiere: „To foster not only the content knowledge of employees, but also the social skills they require to succeed, businesses cannot rely on either lecture-format courses or their digital cousin, the MOOC. We need to return to the MOOC as originally envisioned: social learning. [Hervorhebung von mir, J.R.] Best-in-class corporate education creates a place where colleagues can connect, form networks, and share ideas. It is increasingly important to engage learners socially, because they stand to learn as much from each other as from formal instruction. This does not require forgoing the best-in-class lectures, but rather re-packaging them as part of a broader pedagogical strategy that includes social learning as a core part of the student experience.“
Alan Todd und George Siemens, Wired, 14. Januar 2015

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