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Embedding Learning in Work: The Benefits and Challenges

Die Vorteile des Lernens im Arbeitsprozess liegen auf der Hand. Und Charles Jennings zitiert eine Reihe von Studien, die die Effektivität des on-the-job learning unterstreichen (und die man sich eigentlich notieren müsste!). Ihnen gegenüber stehen jedoch verschiedene Herausforderungen:

– „This learning can’t be ‘managed‘ by HR, L&D or by any of the processes and technology systems they put in place. It can, however, be supported, facilitated, encouraged, exposed and shared by HR and L&D …“
– „The lack of understanding and failure to use performance support approaches and tools has created a significant barrier for supporting the learning that is embedded in work.“
– „A final challenge facing many L&D professionals is that embedding learning in work almost always requires the active support of executives, business managers and team leaders. This means L&D needs to engage these groups and work closely with them.“

Charles Jennings, Workplace Performance, 17. November 2014

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