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Thought Leader Insight: Todd Tauber on Elearning Programs

Achtung: Wir stehen mit beiden Beinen auf dem Marktplatz! Ein elearning-Anbieter (Skillsoft) interviewt einen elearning-Berater (Bersin by Deloitte). Aber folgende Anmerkungen kann man sicher mitnehmen:

„Skillsoft: What does the future of ILT-only learning programs look like?

Todd: I see three big shifts. For starters, instructor-led training is being re-shaped to fit into work rather than the other way around – which is how it’s normally been. Programs that used to fill up a week or two at a time, for example, are now being broken up into shorter bursts and spread out over months. Second, I think we’ll have less one-way lecturing and more active and collaborative learning. We’re already seeing some L&D teams put more emphasis on learning through projects and with peers. And finally, there will be more technology. Virtual ILT already accounts for 12% of formal learning hours delivered at many companies. But we’re also seeing more ILT programs leveraging smartphones and tablets to improve the connections between instructors and learners in real-time, though feedback and audience polls.“
Todd Tauber, Skillsoft Blog, 14. Oktober 2014

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