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Learning in 2024 #LRN2024

Clark Quinn, dessen Buch „Revolutionize Learning & Development“ noch auf meiner ToDo-Liste steht, nimmt hier die Fragen eines Twitter-Chats auf. Seine Antworten sind lesenswert (Kostprobe anbei) und kreisen um den Aufruf: „L&D needs a revolution.“

„1. How has learning changed in the last 10 years (from the perspective of the learner)?

I reckon the learner has seen a significant move to more elearning instead of an almost complete dependence on face-to-face events. And I reckon most learners have begun to use technology in their own ways to get answers, whether via the Google, or social networks like FaceBook and LinkedIn. And I expect they’re seeing more media such as videos and animations, and may even be creating their own. I also expect that the elearning they’re seeing is not particularly good, nor improving, if not actually decreasing in quality. I expect they’re seeing more info dump/knowledge test, more and more ‘click to learn more‘, more tarted-up drill-and-kill. For which we should apologize!

2. What is the most significant change technology has made to organizational learning in the past decade? …
3. What are the most significant challenges facing organizational learning today? …
4. What technologies will have the greatest impact on learning in the next decade? Why? …
5. What new skills will professionals need to develop to support learning in the future? …
6. What will learning look like in the year 2024?
Clark Quinn, Learnlets, 17. September 2014

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