Jochen Robes über Bildung, Lernen und Trends

Nothing Has Changed. Everything Has Changed.

Charles Jennings nimmt Bezug auf Clark Quinns neues Buch „Revolutionize Learning & Development“, um noch einmal eine Neupositionierung von Learning & Development in Unternehmen und Organisationen zu fordern: weg vom „learning“ und hin zu „performance“, weg vom „learning process“ und hin zu „output & results“.

„Learning itself may be a noble aim but it’s not an end in itself in the context of work. Professionals in any field are usually recognised (and paid) for results. …
We know that the results of learning and development activities can only be determined by changes in behaviour (after all, at its heart that’s what ‘real learning‘ is) and behaviour change needs to be measured in terms of what individuals, teams and organisations can do and are doing, that they couldn’t do previously, or what they’re doing better than before. ‘Knowing‘ does not prove ‘learning‘.“

Charles Jennings, 70-20-10 Forum, 7. Juli 2014

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