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I was wrong

„I’ve made statements late last year to the effect that “corporate MOOCs will be the big trend in 2014″. I was wrong.“ Schreibt George Siemens und bezieht sich auf eine offene Online-Konferenz zum Thema „Corporate MOOCs“, die er kürzlich mitorganisiert hat und die seine Erwartungen nicht erfüllte. Nur wenige, meist stille Teilnehmer. Aber an den Präsentationen soll es nicht gelegen haben, meint George Siemens und verlinkt auf die Aufzeichnungen (u.a. SAP, Google, World Bank). Und er fasst einige Eindrücke der Konferenz zusammen:

„- Corporate MOOC completion rates are in the 70-80% range
– Coursera is heavily focused on providing branded “turn key” content for corporation training
– Systems like WorldBank are developing MOOCs as an integrated part of their overall online or digital learning strategy
– Several corporations, notably Google and SAP, are deep in the rabbit hole of MOOCs already and are reporting position experiences for both employees and customers who have taken their courses
– Consulting services such as Parthenon are deeply engaged in MOOCs and helping organizations plan for and deploy them.
– The costs of MOOCs are significant in terms of capital and time and effort of people. It’s not as simple a process as many assume when they start.
– Military organizations are exploring MOOCs and alternative teaching/learning approaches and are reporting promising early results. But we can’t tell you everything. It will be declassified in 2050.
– Organizations are primarily using MOOCs for internal learning, marketing, connecting with customers, and “teaching” suppliers.“

George Siemens, elearnspace, 8. Juli 2014

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