Jochen Robes über Bildung, Lernen und Trends

A Q&A with “Godfather of MOOCs” Sebastian Thrun after he disavowed his godchild

Den Begriff „MOOC“ benutzt Sebastian Thrun schon länger nicht mehr. In diesem Interview erklärt er noch einmal Udacitys Richtungswechsel. Kurz: Die Lernmaterialien sind nach wie vor frei. Doch die Kurse und die mit ihnen verbundenen Services kosten.

„It’s very simple. The MOOC that we created at Udacity was our first attempt to democratize education and we learned from it. Like everyone, we made mistakes. We learned we can drastically boost learning outcomes by adding a service layer around MOOCs. It has a huge impact on completion rates and learning outcomes. Many people in the industry would say, ‘We told you so.‘
It’s not a MOOC [anymore] because we end up charging for it.“

Carmel DeAmicis, Q&A mit Sebastian Thrun, PandoDaily, 12. Mai 2014

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