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OER Impact Map

Das Ziel dieses beeindruckenden Projekts ist wie folgt beschrieben: „This website gathers and publishes evidence about the impact of open educational resources (OER). It is maintained by the OER Research Hub project. The purpose is to help people understand the impact of OER.“ Was die OER Impact Map genau leistet, hat Martin Weller, Mitglied des OER Research Hub, an anderer Stelle kurz aufgeführt:

„- Look at evidence for any one of our 11 hypotheses (eg. for hypothesis A regarding performance)
– Look at the flow of evidence
– Examine evidence by country
Filter evidence by sector, polarity, hypothesis, country
– Explore the map for OER policies (a work in progress)“

Martin Weller unterstreicht zugleich die Notwendigkeit, nach zehn Jahre OER stärker darauf zu achten, dass Projekte nicht nur angekündigt und Materialien nicht nur zugänglich gemacht werden, sondern auch ihren Nutzen demonstrieren: „The problem is very few OER papers actually give anything approaching proper evidence or research. Try it yourself, pick a few papers from the knowledge cloud at random. What you get are project reports about releasing OERs, lots of „lessons learned“, a lot of beliefs stated as evidence eg „this will improve retention“, quite a lot of download stats, but very little hard evidence that you could point at and say to someone „this supports (or negates) this hypothesis“.
OER Impact Map, April 2014

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