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The 70-20-10 Model – Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

Charles Jennings ist ja fast so etwas wie das personifizierte 70-20-10 Modell, und so darf er hier ausführlich Rede und Antwort stehen. Am liebsten würde er ja L&D auflösen und eine Unit „Performance Support“ gründen. Wenn schon Lernen, dann informell und am Arbeitsplatz, wie es die Referenzwerte des Modells nahelegen. Und die Zukunft? Hier wagt Charles Jennings folgende Prognose:

„Despite the pitfalls of prediction, I’m prepared to suggest that future organizational learning will be very different from today. L&D departments will be smaller; they will primarily be focused on facilitating and supporting learning and development as part of the workflow and the social context in which most work gets done.

Where they continue to design and run structured courses, these will be principally for high-value employees where the benefits of the face-to-face experience are considered to justify the cost. Otherwise learning and support will be provided primarily via technology. ‘eLearning‘ will lose the ‘e‘ as most learning and development activity will involve technology – even if only to bring people and teams together virtually.“
Ravi Pratap Singh, Interview mit Charles Jennings, eLearning Industry, 9. Februar 2014

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