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Suffering Massive MOOC Creep

Gerade via Stephen Downes auf meinem Schirm gelanded. Warum nicht jeder Online-Kurs gleich ein MOOC ist:

  • „If a student can’t tell if they’re the only student in the course or if there are 5,000 other students, you just have an online course. …
  • If you take your 5,000 students and break them down so they are in „normal“ sized cohorts that proceed independently, congratulations you have several online courses. …
  • If having 5,000 students actually hurts your students, you have an online mess. …
  • If you haven’t rethought things given what the Internet is – the tools, the communities, and the way information can flow . . . then you’re probably just putting stuff online.“

Tom Woodward, Bionic Teaching, February 7, 2014

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