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Workplace Learning: Adding, Embedding & Extracting

Eine hilfreiche Unterscheidung, die Charles Jennings hier offenlegt! Es gibt, so seine Beobachtung, drei Formen von Workplace Learning, die er „adding“, „embedding“ and „extracting“ nennt. „Adding learning to the workflow“ ist dabei die naheliegendste und einfachste Übung für Learning Professionals. „Embedding learning in work“ und „Extracting learning from work“ sind anspruchsvoller, aber auch gehaltvoller:

„The model of ‘learn then work‘ is replaced here with ‘work then learn, then work in an improved way‘. Learning is not only embedded in the workflow, but new learning is continually extracted from experiences and exchanges with colleagues, customers and the entire value chain. …

Examples of this type of workplace learning include narrating work and sharing with colleagues – often achieved by micro-blogging on a regular (possibly daily) basis; active participation in professional social networks is another example. However, just as powerful is the extraction of learning that can be achieved by taking time out of a busy team or project meeting to reflect on last week’s experiences and learning in a semi-structured way.“
Charles Jennings, 70-20-10 Forum, 15. Oktober 2013


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