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How We Learn

Eine kurze Glosse von Nick Shackleton-Jones, Head of elearning bei British Petroleum. Er kreist dabei um die Frage, wann wir eigentlich lernen. Also, unter welchen Umständen und Bedingungen. Seine Auflösung ist nicht neu oder überraschend, aber sehr schön auf den Punkt gebracht:

„This brings me to my point: learning takes place as a response to challenges. As learning professionals, sometimes we present people with challenges (like with project-based learning), other times we are responding to challenges (such as “10 top tips to help you avoid looking dumb in your first six weeks of your new job”). The latter is more natural; if you’re going to start creating challenges for people it begs the question whether your time wouldn’t be better spent addressing the ones they already have.“
Nick Shackleton-Jones, ASTD/ Learning Technologies Blog, 3. Juli 2013

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