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MOOC’s & Corporate Learning?

Elliott Masie sieht MOOCs als „important beta/lab experiments – where important and cool innovations are emerging in the construction, delivery and economics of educational „packages“. Seine Erfahrungen als Lerner und Facilitator, die er hier in einigen Zeilen zusammenfasst, sind „gemischt“: vor allem als Facilitator/ Teacher hat er viele Fragezeichen. Aber er plädiert dafür, den Ball aufzunehmen:

„It is early and really too early to predict how MOOC’s might evolve within the corporate world. I have been advocating that we take each of the letters as distinct areas for innovation:

– M: Massive dissemination of content
– O: Open content and content reuse along with curation by learners.
– O: Online resources added to both 1 mode and mixed/blended mode delivery.
– C: Course? Perhaps the MOOC might become a MOOP (Program) or MOOA (Assets)“

Elliott Masie, Learning TRENDS, 18. April 2013

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