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Open Education Week

Diese Woche findet wieder die Open Education Week statt, koordiniert vom OpenCourseWareConsortium (OCW), und ich zitiere kurz aus der Einladung der Veranstalter:

„Once you have a feel for what open education is, there are many ways you can participate in Open Education Week:

CONNECT: Check out the EVENTS AND WEBINARS schedule and join in – participation is open to everyone. Join a study group and register to earn a certificate by studying open courses if you like.

COLLECT: Find out about the diversity of open education efforts around the world. Visit the PROJECTS area and learn about open educational resources and open learning opportunities available to you now. Check out the RESOURCES tab for links to even more information.

CREATE: The „open“ in open education means that you are free to modify resources, mix them together in new ways, add your own perspectives and share them back to the world. Find out how through some of the video PRESENTATIONS and WEBINARS. Put your thoughts down in a tweet or blog, create a video, or post a research paper.

SHARE: Tell people about your discoveries via Twitter using the hashtag #openeducationwk. You will be able to see the live Twitter feed on the Open Education Week HOMEPAGE. Let people know that there’s a world of free and open educational opportunities available to them right now.“
Open Education Week, 11. – 15. März 2013

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