Jochen Robes über Bildung, Lernen und Trends

YouTube another MOOP (Massive Open Online Pedagogy). Learning will not be televised, it will be digitised.

Donald Clark fasst zusammen, was YouTube für Bildung und Lernen bedeutet. Eine ungeheure Sammlung von Ressourcen. Trendsetter für neue Formate und Sehgewohnheiten. Denkbar einfacher Einstieg für Do-It-Yourself-Lehrer und Lerner. Und noch einiges mehr: „As a pedagogic approach it is clearly useful in both formal and informal learning, an enduring Massive Open Online Pedagogy (MOOP).“ Hier ein Auszug aus Donald Clarks‘ Manual:

„Creatively, YouTube has spawned lots of new genres of video instruction:
Khan blackboard and coloured chalk – simple but effective as the learner’s mind is not cluttered with seeing Khan – it’s the semantic content that matters, not talking heads.
Thrun’s hand and whiteboard – again it’s not Thrun’s head that matters but seeing worked problems and solutions.
RSA animations – clever animations that end up as a single infographic.
TED talks – shows how lectures should be – passionate experts, no notes, no reading, little PowerPoint and short.
Software demos – just show me the steps one by one.
Physical demos – point the camera at the engine, radiator or whatever I need to fix and show me how to do it, with commentary. I just take my tablet to the place I need it.
Sports coaching – wayward tennis serve? Watch an expert coach you in slow motion.“

Donald Clark, Donald Clark Plan B, 12. Februar 2013