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Defining Social Learning

Marcia Conner hat schon einiges zum Thema geschrieben, unter anderem „The New Social Learning“ (2010). In diesem Blogpost hat sie Fragen gesammelt, mit denen sie es immer wieder zu tun hat, und die entsprechenden Antworten formuliert. Für mein Archiv halte ich fest:

„How do you define social learning?
I define social learning as participating with others to make sense of new ideas. Augmented by a new slew of social tools, people can gather information and gain new context from people across the globe and around the clock as easily as they could from those they work beside.“

„How do you personally use social technology to learn and grow?
Every day I connect and learn from people across the world through social technologies. Some of these people I’ve met in person, increasingly they are people I didn’t know before social media. From them I glean new insights about topics I set out to learn as well as get introduced to new topics and related information I didn’t realize would help round out what’s important to my life and in my work.“
Marcia Conner, Blog, 4. Oktober 2012

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